2017 with Already Heard

As you all might already know, in March I joined Already Heard as a contributing photographer. Since then I have shot a few gigs for them, but it’s only just the beginning! The AH team have made me feel very welcome and I cannot commend them enough for the superb organisation behind all the features and reviews you see on their website. 

As the year draws to a close I have been asked to take part in presenting forth my top 10 records of the year, as well as writing up a succinct review of an album included in our “10 Albums From 2017 You Might’ve Missed” feature. 

If you haven’t come across these features yet, the links are listed below!

Read the Already Heard’s “Record of The Year 2017 - The Staff Picks” here, to see my top 10 records, favourite gig and festival of 2017.

Find out what we had to say about the albums you might’ve missed out on this year here, including my review of “With Might And Main” by Defences.

And if you’d like to see the photo sets I’ve contributed to AH so far, click here!

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Spotify - Listen to the “Best Songs of 2017” playlist here and check out more!

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