The Last Trauma Room at The Crowndale

On April the 21st we sadly saw The Trauma Room host it’s last show at The Crowndale as it has now found a new home at The Black Heart. For this special send off we had four great bands play for us - Thrones, Cove, High Rise and Skies In Motion. 

If you missed out Cove will be joining Holding Absence on a couple of tour dates in August and High Rise will be setting out on a headlining tour starting at the end of next week in Southampton. As for Skies In Motion they’ve managed to be finalized in the top 5 bands to play Slam Dunk Festival Midlands! If you’ve heard of or been to Slam Dunk then you must know what a huge deal this is for them - so vote for them here and you could also be in with a chance of joining them (more details here).

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